The Time I Worked for Disney

So You Think You Can Bully?

X-Factor, American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance? are all those typical popular shows that require judges to determine your fate. Personally, I’ve always thought that no one is qualified enough to judge talent that they usually don’t even possess themselves, but I digress.

What happens when what’s supposed to be all fun and games turns into a public humiliation?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon and their attack on an X-Factor contestant, and I hope you’re as disgusted as I am. Both being artists themselves, I guess they felt that they were both qualified enough to berate a contest on the first live show of the season.

If you haven’t seen it, feel free to watch it above and I’m sure you’ll join in my outrage. I’ve never been one to watch these type of competition shows, especially X-Factor. But, I know a lot about Simon Cowell and his very rude comments during his American Idol days. This video makes Cowell’s words seem almost comforting.

After beginning with a not-blatantly-offensive “We have a doppelganger in our midst,” Kills proceeds to insult the contestant, Joe Irvine, mercilessly. The most common insult she seemed to have was that he “copied” her husband. Last time I checked, her husband wasn’t the only guy in the world to wear a suit or to comb his hair over a certain way. Why she thinks he owns that way of dress is certainly beyond me.

She continues to tell him that he is “creepy” and that she was “embarrassed” to be in his presence. Irvine, the entire time, keeps a heartbreaking smile on his face and thanks her after telling her that’s she beautiful.

Even after Moon chimes in with his Norman Bates comment, it just gets worse. Irvine has to sit there in front of the audience and everyone that’s watching the live show and just take this verbal abuse.

He’s almost in tears and he to accept this? No.

What gives them the right to do this to someone? What makes them so much more qualified that this is okay? Yes, they’ve both been fired from the show and a record deal was pulled from Kills, but what could’ve possibly gone through their minds to think that bullying someone on national TV is something that’s okay?

Where is the line drawn when it comes to these “judges”? Is this bullying any different from 2 kids in the schoolyard shouting insults at each other? And if so, how can we put a stop to this?

Publicity stunt or not, there’s no way that this is okay or should even be considered socially acceptable. Sure, Kills and Moon both got what they deserved (maybe even less), but is that going to stop the next person(s) from doing so?

How do we put a stop to it once and for all?

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Baymax or the Michelin Man? You Decide.

It’s that time again.

It’s time for the second movie that I’ve managed to cross off my list and I’m honestly personally offended by how sad this movie was and why I am constantly being plagued by the overwhelming sadness of Disney movies.

Okay, it probably isn’t quite that serious, but I’m sure you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

Guess what movie it is?

Big Hero 6.

Now I actually tried to watch this movie shortly after it came out, and it didn’t quite work out that well for me.

*If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I’d stop reading at this point*

I got to the part right after Hiro’s brother dies and then I basically phoned it in. I don’t know what it is about Disney and their obsession with trying to make people cry when they inevitably make a family member die in the first 20 minutes of a movie, but I was not here for it.

After that happened, I was pretty much irked and crying so badly that I just had to stop it. Well five months later, I finally decided that it would be a good idea if I actually watched the entire movie.

And I was not disappointed. Baymax turned out to be one of the cutest characters that I’ve ever seen on a TV, and the scene where he had a low battery and was acting “drunk” was probably the hardest I’ve laughed in a while. (Probably not true because I laugh a lot all of the time but you catch my drift)

Baymax was precious when he was learning how to fight, and I think we all can relate whenever he was trying to figure out how to get all of his stomach to fit inside of his clothes.


Also, was it not the biggest plot twist whenever we found out that the very person that was behind all of this was the EXACT person that Tadashi ran in to save?!


He died in vain!

Okay, I mean yeah I do feel badly that he had lost his daughter for a little bit of time. But, and I could be wrong here, I don’t know if going on a killing spree is the best way to vent your anger.

Look how well that worked out of King Kong. Homie eventually got rocked.

But still. I hate the fact that it was him that was behind the whole thing and that Tadashi could’ve lived for much longer.

And you know what REALLY kills me?! The way that Baymax “died”!

He risks his life to save Hiro and then he ultimately sacrifices himself to save everyone! Well, everyone if you include the daughter and Hiro.

“Are you satisfied with your care?”


No, I’m not Baymax! You wrecked me when you said that and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be okay again!

And yes it is quite that dramatic.

Disclaimer: I just watched that scene right now to remind myself of what his last words to Hiro were and I’m already very emotional just typing this.

Darn you, Baymax.


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A Library AND a Big, Hairy Man? What’s the Downside?

Guess what? It finally happened!

I started watching movies off The Movie Queen list and things are getting real.

So, last time we talked about all of this, I was preparing to watch all of the Disney movies that I haven’t seen so I can finally not be clueless when my co-workers are discussing movies. I decided to start this bad boy off with a classic. Dun, dun, dun…

Beauty and the Beast!

I’ve seen the remake, but today was my first time actually watching the original one (Whenever I saw the Beauty and the Beast show at Hollywood Studios, I didn’t even know who Gaston was).

But, the original one was dope. I had to borrow the movie from a friend because why would I own a movie that I’ve never seen? And as soon as it started, there was nostalgia all around.

It showed previews for movies like The Lion King (OMG), Sleeping Beauty (haven’t watched it yet) and other old movies that you probably won’t be seeing in theaters any time soon. It even did that THX sound thing that I haven’t seen in movie previews in forever.

Side note: When my mom first got surround sound, she used to make us turn on Monster’s Inc. (because it had that THX sound intro) just so she could hear how well surround sound works. It was quite the headache. Unless you’re reading this, Mama in which case, I loved doing it (at least twice a week).

But, back to the movie. First of all, when it first came on, I wholeheartedly expected to hear Emma Watson’s voice. I don’t know why because I’m well aware that she isn’t in the original one, but it happened. But it was so good!

Since I did watch the remake first, all I did was compare the two the entire time. And I can see why people enjoy both of them.

Firstly, the Beast in the original is way more intense than the remake one, and homie really did need anger management classes. And Lumiere and Cogsworth didn’t seem as big diabolical planners as they did in the remake one. But they both were very funny! And I usually don’t enjoy comedy in animated movies.

Next, Gaston was meaner in this one than he was in the remake but he was unlikable in both so I guess that’s what they were going for. LeFou was clearly better as Josh Gad, but it’s hard to top that dude.

Lastly, her dad was a little bit more scatter-brained in the original one that I expected. Maybe it was because they made him so short; I don’t know.

Even though I knew it wasn’t going to be in there, I missed the Beast’s song “Evermore”, and I didn’t care for that “Human Again” one from the furniture. It just seemed a little different.

But, it was dope! And now I’ll be able to understand the references people make to this movie (and I’ll be able to understand who these characters are in that show). And that’s what really matters, right?

So, that’s my first one! First one of 52 has officially been crossed off the list and it feels darn good.

Now, what should my next one be?


P.S. I’m also currently watching the Lion King for like the 80th time and still almost shed a tear when Mufasa died.

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The Movie Queen

So I’m gonna admit a secret to you guys…

Don’t tell because I’m risking a lot by telling you. Like I could definitely lose my job if anyone got wind of this.

Okay…here it is.

Out of every Disney movie that there is, I’m maybe seen like six of them.

KIDDING. The number is actually closer to eight.

And that’s not an exaggeration. But when I ‘m talking about Disney movies, I’m referring to the classics. I’ve seen most of the current ones or the live action remakes, I just haven’t seen the older ones. Which is pretty bad.

Okay so maybe me losing my job because of it is an exaggeration, but I don’t think my boss would be very happy if he found out that I haven’t seen a lot of his movies. So let’s just try and keep this between you and me.

I’ve seen the Disney Channel Original Movies; I could give you a compiled and detailed list of my favorites, but when it comes to movies like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White, I haven’t seen them.

And it’s not because I’ve avoided them. Not at all. I just never have. I know the storyline behind almost all of them (except for Peter Pan, I don’t know why that little boy and his shenanigans are fuzzy to me).

So I’m giving myself a new bucket list…of Disney movies. For the next 52 weeks, I have to watch what most people consider a “Disney classic”. And I’ll throw a couple of later ones on there as well.

Here this bad boy is:

  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  2. Pinocchio
  3. Fantasia
  4. Dumbo
  5. Peter Pan
  6. Big Hero 6
  7. Pete’s Dragon
  8. The Little Mermaid
  9. Beauty and the Beast
  10. Aladdin
  11. Hocus Pocus
  12. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  13. Lion King (This is literally my favorite movie ever but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if it wasn’t on this list)
  14. Pocahontas
  15. Mary Poppins (pretty sure I’ve seen it but I don’t remember a thing that happened)
  16. The Fox and the Hound
  17. Tru Confessions
  18. Treasure Island
  19. WALL-E
  20. Brave (I didn’t understand any of it when I saw it the first time)
  21. BFG
  22. Steamboat Willie
  23. Lady and the Tramp
  24. Wreck-It Ralph
  25. The Good Dinosaur (Is this not the same one as that dragon one?)
  26. The Three Caballeros
  27. Robin Hood
  28. Cinderella
  29. Old Yeller (I’m gonna assume this one isn’t as vicious as Cujo?)
  30. Sleeping Beauty
  31. The Sword in the Stone
  32. Angels in the Outfield
  33. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
  34. Fantasia 2000
  35. Bolt
  36. Ratatouille
  37. Cars
  38. Aristocrats
  39. Smurfs
  40. Meet the Robinsons
  41. Hercules (Seen it and loved it, but I don’t remember the ending)
  42. Benchwarmers
  43. Shrek Forever After (not entirely sure if this one is actually Disney)
  44. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
  45. The Mighty Ducks
  46. Don’t Look Under the Bed (On the fence about this one cause it sounds scary)
  47. The Rescuers Down Under
  48. Into the Woods
  49. Blank Check
  50. Atlantis
  51. Heavyweights
  52. Johnny Tsunami (This is a dope last name)

As you can see, this list is definitely mixed with animated and then whatever the opposite of animated is. And it’s probably going to be exhausting. It’s definitely subject to change just in case I find a better one because I honestly haven’t heard of a good half of these.

But I’m excited! And if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Stay tuned and once again…don’t tell my boss.

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The One With the Halloween Party

So I have some news for you…

Remember the blog things I used to do with the bucket list? Well, now that I realize that I shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, I’m going back to that.

But, what’s the topic gonna be?

Hmmm, stay tuned to find out!

But, back to the good stuff at hand.

I did something that I probably never plan on doing again, but it’s something that I am very happy to say that I have accomplished.


I freaking did a treetop trek. Now, you’re probably wondering what that is because I definitely hadn’t heard of it before I did it. So, I’ll fill you in a little bit.

It is literally a journey through the trees, which I didn’t mind at first. But, do you guys realize how high the trees are?!

I hate heights of any kind, and that’s literally what a tree is. After the first thing that we had to climb, I was all ready to just get down and say that I had wasted $50 for the day.

But, I’m glad that I didn’t.

Even though at one point, one of the workers had to ask me if I was okay because I was shaking so much, I pretty much crushed it.

Well, “crushed” probably isn’t the optimal word, but you weren’t there so you can’t tell me any differently. There were 35 obstacles and 14 ziplines (which I thought would be the most terrifying about the whole experience, but it actually wasn’t).

It started off super easy, as they all do, and then once we got to the fourth obstacle and there were no handrails, I knew I was probably contributing to my death. It took me forever to get over those, luckily (or unluckily depending on how you look at it) I was the very last one.

But then something happened.

Something magical.

Something that was a game changer for the entire day.

I was promised ice cream if I finished the course.


I’ll be honest. Though I was scared out of my mind, I was going to finish it whether I got ice cream or not. I am a very cheap person, and there was absolutely no way I was going to waste $50 no matter how freaked out I was.

It’ s a good thing it was actually worth it.


There was one zip line where you had to actually go through water, and I just knew that I would be the one whose harness was going to come loose, and I would plunge into the water with the alligators to my death.

That didn’t happen, thankfully, and I made it to the second part of all of the trek where you had a choice in to which path you would take: the easy one, the medium one, or the hard one.

Guess who took the easy one which no shame whatsoever?



I had done so much at that point and still had so much to do from that point on, so I had no problem with watching my friends that I came with do the six extra obstacles, which required upper body strength, while I sat on a platform and waited for them to finish.

Because after that point, we still had 8 more ziplines before we made it to the end, one of which was over the water filled with alligators.

No pressure, huh?

In the end, I was super glad that I did it, and though I probably wouldn’t do it again…it’s comforting to know that I didn’t pass out during it (which I completely thought that I would).

And, if that wasn’t enough for that whole weekend, I also got to do Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Now if you’ve been keeping up with this bad boy, you’ll know that I got to work the Halloween party last year, but I never got to actually go to it.

This time, I did and it did not disappoint.

You not know what did disappoint? My group that I went with.

We disappointed Eeyore. Including myself, we had three people in our group so that was enough for a Pooh, Piglet, and a Tigger. We just didn’t have enough friends for a fourth person, and Eeyore was booted out.


And he was quite sad about it.

Thankfully, that was the only downside to the party because that thing was bomb, and even though I only knew one character in the Hocus Pocus show (sorry to the others), it was still one of my favorite parts of the night.


Now I just realize that I need to see every Disney movie every because as of this moment, I can count on two hands how many Disney movies I’ve seen.

But shh…don’t tell my boss.




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The One Where He ‘Takes Thee Rachel’

So I’ve got some good news for you guys.

I am finally kinda sorta somewhat out of debt, and let me tell you…it is a very underwhelming feeling.

I’ve been getting a steady paycheck every week and it hasn’t been as much of a struggle to make rent every month.

One thing that helped was the fact that I did do the hurricane rideout crew for Disney so that gave me a pretty hefty paycheck, so that helped me buy a couple more frozen lemonades from Chic-fil-a, and honestly that was the goal the whole time.


The only good thing to come out of you, Hurricane Irma.

But a lot has happened at this point.


If you’ve been around me for the past three weeks and heard me complaining, you’ll know how much of an accomplishment that is for me.

But that’s not the only thing that happened. I was in a wedding. An actual wedding!!

I feel like everyone and their mother has been in a wedding before, and even though I went to a wedding for the first time about a year ago, I wasn’t actually invited to it (sorry for crashing it, Maddie), and I definitely wasn’t in it.

But yesterday was my chance! It was my shining moment! Not the bride’s, of course. It was all MY MOMENT (sorry Rhonda). Cause I got to be a bridesmaid! My mom and me.

And it was so pretty!

I have always pictured weddings as these things that people were just going through the motions for and I was fully expecting my aunt (the beautiful bride) to be a bridezilla cause she’s already basically like that in real life, and I was severely disappointed.

Who would’ve thought that tv was wrong?!

I was all prepared for screaming and demanding that all focus be on the bride. But, the bride was so chill, I swear it was just a regular day. She even ironed everyone’s bridesmaids’ dresses and bought us all Pizza Hut (dough that didn’t have any meat on it so I’m not really compelled to call it pizza).

And the bride kept commenting on how pretty I looked (after she told me to try looking more like a girl sometimes) so naturally that give me a big head. Cause I’ll be honest, I’m not a makeup person (and it’s 90% because I don’t really know how to put it on and the other 10% is because I’m too lazy to learn) so seeing myself with a full face of makeup was QUITE the surprise. I didn’t even recognize who that was in the mirror and after hearing the word “china doll” a hundred times (and I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a compliment or not), I felt awesome.

And then it was time for the wedding after we sweated it out the day before during the rehearsal. We had to basically run there so we didn’t stay out in the sun too long and risk ruining our makeup. And we had to make sure the bride got her grand entrance that she deserved. So we rushed into our bridesmaids’ dresses, quickly took what would be the beginning of a thousand pictures with my aunt, and it was time to head out to walk down the aisle.

Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I don’t wear heels often. It’s not because I don’t dislike them; it’s just because I don’t really have a lot of occasions that call for them. Well, a rooftop wedding definitely called for some heels and I was okay with that.

The hem of my dress disagreed.

As I walked down the aisle, I heard someone say “Jazmyn, keep your head up.” Don’t worry; I was definitely trying. But it was either I keep my head up, or I end up stepping on the hem of my skirt and risk a tumble (that probably would’ve been hilarious) down the aisle. But I made it safely down there and to my spot. The flower girl was hilarious because she only decided to throw flowers when she made it to the end of the aisle. And the ring bearers were probably the most precious things ever.

Well that was until the bride made it down the aisle. I managed not to cry, which is a surprise, even when the groom started to cry. It was definitely a beautiful wedding.

And I even made it more memorable when it was time to walk back down the aisle and I fell as soon as I turned the corner.

The reception was even more enjoyable because the song choices were the best (thank you for actually playing my song!), and my mom was shocked to even see me dance.

But I’d definitely say the best thing was when the father of the bride and the bride had their dance, and my Papa actually danced! I have never seen that man so much as wiggle his hips for any reason and he got so into the dance, and it was the best thing ever!

There were so many things that were beautiful and amazing about this wedding so I won’t go on with anymore of them.

But Rhonda and Marwin, I wish you guys all the happiness ever, and Rhonda, you should definitely be happy about one thing.

At least Marwin didn’t pull a Ross and say the wrong name.



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The One Where She Makes the Big Move

So the time has finally come…

Guess what I did today? I left home.

Well, “left” is a very generous term. I moved a lot of my things out, but my presence is still very much in that house.

For instance, at least a quarter of my wardrobe is still there and EVERY single one of my stuffed animals is in there. Now I know what you’re thinking, stuffed animals are super childish.


I have a life size stuffed giraffe and a big Stitch that absolutely have to make it to Florida if I have to walk them there myself.

Anyway…on to the more important things (although that subject is pretty important), camp is over with. I spent 9 weeks at the greatest camp in the world, and about four days ago, it came to an end.

That camp honestly changes lives. It brings people together, people that you would’ve never dreamed of talking to much less being friends with, and then it rips you apart from them when you all have to go your separate ways and go back to your lives. It also teaches you gymnastics –good for you, Abigail– (especially when you haven’t done a handstand in years).

I shed tears and more sweat that you can physically imagine (not even kidding in the slightest) at this camp especially on the last day. I was doing so well, we all were, and then good ol’ Jakob came and gave his goodbye speech to all of us and I just lost it.

Slightly shaking, runny nose, congested chest, the works. You name it and one of us was experiencing it at that very second. We said our goodbyes, and then we unfortunately had to leave.

And now it’s back to real life. It’s back to me testing the limits of how many things I can actually fit into my suitcase so I don’t have to pay an overweight fee on the plane. It’s back to me probably packing clothes that I’ll never wear, but this shirt from three years ago will definitely be missed if I don’t pack it with me right now. It’s back to me having that crippling fear of being poor and destitute and living in a cardbox in a couple of years.

That probably won’t happen though (emphasis on ‘probably’).

But I do start my job with Disney again on Friday, and I officially move into my house on Thursday.

Look at that, Mom! I’m doing big girl things now!

I’m literally sitting in Florida right this second ready to move into my house tomorrow. That’ll be a task in itself because I have an absurd amount of things to put into that tiny room.

It’ll be the ultimate game of Tetris.

But I am excited for tomorrow. I am officially no longer a resident of Georgia, and that both excites and terrifies me. I’m not used to not having my mom less than 3 hours away, and no one can get my clothes to smell the way that she does.

(It’s like a special talent she has or something because I’ve even used the same detergent, and it doesn’t come out the same. Moms have a gift)


But, I guess we’re all gonna see how I handle all of this tomorrow.

And I’ll be honest with you. It doesn’t matter how broke, scared, and unprepared I am for this move….

I’m happy with life right now.


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A Letter to the Class of 2020

Written for UGA ELITE.



Dear Class of 2020,

It’s officially time. There are officially less than 50 days until graduation.

Less than 50 days until real life sets in and we have to do things other than get up and go to class every day. It’s time for the new class to settle in.

I swear, every time a new freshmen class is announced, it’s like “Congrats to the new Bulldawgs!! They’re bringing in a new average GPA of 6.8!” It’s actually a 4.03 average, but you get my point. I’m amazed at how high it’s going to get by the time I’ve been out of this school for a couple of years.

With your new class comes a new beginning. You’ve just gotten the best news of your life, the news that you get to attend the finest school in the land. Now you have that pre-orientation checklist to worry about after you make the wise decision to actually say yes to your acceptance.

It’s the best time of your life, but you still have to get through the rest of your senior year of high school.

My advice? Don’t rush it.

Enjoy the last six, seven weeks. I know it seems borderline impossible because you’re in such a rush to get to this school, but trust me. I graduate in May, and I would love nothing more to flashback to when I got accepted and relive this past four years again.

Don’t get me wrong; I am so very thankful to be graduating. If this was November of 2012, I would’ve told you that college clearly isn’t for me and that I was dropping out to become famous (I wonder how that would’ve worked out).

But, the time is finally here and I actually get sad when I tell people that I am a graduating senior. I knew it had to happen eventually, but it’s actually time for me to leave this place.

So, don’t rush it. Enjoy that last year of high school. I promise you’re going to miss how easy things are. The fact that “I’ll just study for it in the morning” will never be true again. The fact that power naps will become your lifeline for the next four years. Even the fact that you are definitely not the only person who didn’t study for the test and there’s a certain good feeling that comes with knowing that you are not alone.

I understand your excitement; I understand the desire of starting that new chapter of your life. Wholeheartedly.

But, I promise that when your relatives say “It’ll be the fastest four years of your life,” they aren’t lying. I can tell you every little detail of what my freshman dorm looked like because I swear it was yesterday.

Have fun. Enjoy the small moments because they’ll be the biggest memories. I would never encourage someone to not study for a test, but sometimes going out with friends is the study break that you need to get those creative juices flowing.

Get prepared because before you know it, it’s going to be you in four years writing this same thing.


a Bulldawg reminiscing on good times

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The One Where She Discovers FICA

Remember about a year and a half ago when I had the crippling fear of graduating from college and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life after then?

Well, fast forward to now, and I’m about 8% better than I was then.

And the one phrase that keeps ringing in my head is the one my mom used to always say: Don’t be so eager to grow up.


I mean, I had bills to pay in college like rent and utilities and all of that fun stuff. Surely I thought that after I graduated it wouldn’t be much of a difference when it came to bills, but I was so wrong. SO WRONG.

If I was on a game show right now, I would have been buzzed off a while ago.

How do I have more bills to pay now? What was I not paying for before? It’s insane!

I feel like I’m at the Krusty Krab and Mr. Krabs is charging for air all of a sudden.

And here’s the kicker. I just signed a lease a couple of days ago. Did you know that there are actually places that are unfurnished?

Apparently, living in a college town actually makes a difference. Because pretty much all of the places in Athens were furnished. I didn’t have to worry about buying a thing.

Now I have to worry about buying a bed! A whole bed! And if you’ve met me, you know how extremely cheap I am.

So if I can find an air mattress that’s comfortable, that’ll be what I sleep on.


And who needs a dresser? I can throw my clothes in a (very organized) pile on the floor. As long as I know where everything is, it’s not a big deal, is it?

If furniture isn’t bad enough, I also forgot that rent isn’t the only thing that you have to pay for in places.

Water…electric…cable…wifi. It never ends.

Maybe the Amish have some valid points in their lifestyle.

Good thing I stopped watching live tv years ago so cable has never really been an issue for me.

But there is only so much I can take. Yes I am going to go back and work for Disney for but there’s also this little thing called ‘taxes’ that are constantly being taken from my checks.

Who is FICA and what is he doing with all of my money?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not completely oblivious to all of this stuff. But becoming an adult is so expensive.


Truth be told, I think I’m handling it fairly well. Even though I say it all of the time, I’m not completely broke (though if my mom asks, it’s a very different story) and I do have high hopes for the future.

I went to Orlando last week to get all of my job stuff, house stuff, and pretty much my new life down there, in order. This camp ends on August 11th, and I am due to Disney on the 18th. That’s a week turnaround yet I’m probably still going to wait until the very last second to pack anything because that’s just who I am as a person.


So this time next month, I’ll be hopefully not in debt but definitely one step closer to being an adult.

And maybe, just maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll even be sleeping on an actual bed.

I have to dream big.

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Why Miley Cyrus Can and MUST Be Stopped

Written for UGA ELITE.


If you haven’t watched or heard about what happened at the VMAs last Sunday I’m going to assume one of three things.


I’m 99% sure it’s number 3.

The thing is, I had better things to do also but still decided to watch it, which is a mistake that I won’t make again.

I hate award shows. ALL of them.

They’re too long, there aren’t enough performances that I enjoy, and I can’t seem to focus on anything else when I’m actually watching them. In hindsight, I should’ve known that watching them would be a bust when I saw who the host was.


Miley Cyrus. The girl who brings controversy wherever she breathes.

By now, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about the awards and her, but here it goes again.

She started off the show on my bad side when she came out wearing dreads. DREADS. Once again, she’s participating in cultural appropriation for a culture that she gives absolutely nothing to.

I think Miley has this belief in her head that she needs to shed off that Disney image that followed her around for years, and she needs to do every scandalous thing that she can.

Between you and me, I think it’s been a long time since anyone associated that girl with Disney Channel, and Walt Disney would probably roll over in his grave if anyone ever mentioned the two in the same sentence.

As if her dreads weren’t damage enough, her mention of drugs surpassed the level of inappropriate.

Drugs aren’t my cup of tea, and I would never encourage people to partake in them. But, I know that’s not everyone’s belief. I don’t think people care about her actually doing them; I just think they’re sick of hearing her talking about it.

Snoop Dogg (Lion? I’m not sure) is well-known for what he smokes, but his every fifth word isn’t ‘marijuana’ as Miley’s seems to be. It’s like she’s trying to prove something that her audience couldn’t be less concerned about.

Finally, one of the biggest things that she did was use the term “mammy” when referring to Snoop Dogg.

I’ve heard both sides of this argument. “It’s not racist; it’s a term used to refer to grandmothers in the south.”

Yes because everything said in the south should be considered okay.

The other side is: “It’s racist if you know where the term ‘mammy’ comes from.”

I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe, just MAYBE she didn’t know the origin of the term and was just using it ignorantly. There isn’t a single part of me that believes that statement.

Even if it is true, and this is where the .1% comes in, why not educate yourself before saying it?


That was her problem in being not only a poor host but also blatantly ignorant. In my opinion, she was doing everything in her power to offend as many people as she possibly could. From the ratings, the hashtags, and the outraged tweets to MTV, she definitely succeeded.

It’s been a long time coming saying that enough is enough from Miley Cyrus and everyone like her. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of knowledge, care, or effort that comes with some of the comments and actions, but I think that we reached our breaking point a long time ago.

I don’t know about you, but I can deal without the eccentric outfits, poor attempts at “twerking”, and constant desire to offend.

We Can Stop.

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Am I Black Enough For You?

Written for UGA Elite.



You know what phrase I honestly thought would’ve died out by now?

“Talking white.”

I’m sure most of us have heard it or at least variations of it.

“I don’t really consider you black because you talk white.”

“Do you have any black friends?”

“You don’t talk like a black person.”

You’d think that people wouldn’t still be using that against each other. I mean it’s 2015. Speaking proper English and knowing that ‘speak’ should’ve been used up above rather than ‘talk’ shouldn’t be the deciding factor of determining what race someone ‘acts’ like. But, sadly, that is the world we still live in.

And, it’s super annoying. I’ve learned to tune it out for the most part. I’m pretty used to hearing that I should’ve been born white because of the way that I speak. The funny thing (or sad depending on how you look at it) is that it’s not just said by friends or even strangers.

It’s also said to me by family members. I mean, most things coming from the members in my family can never be taken too seriously. We joke a lot. You really need to have thick skin around them.

I love them to death, trust me. But, if I hear “How come you don’t act more black?” one more time from my uncle or my aunt dictating the kind of music that I listen to, I’m going to scream. It’s not difficult to ignore my so-called friends when they feel the need to comment on it, but it kind of takes on a different meaning when it comes from a member of the family.


What does that even mean? I was recently told that I’m not “really considered black” because of the fact that I used the word “fleek.”

Mind you, I don’t really care for the word and I only used it in passing as a joke. But, that person said, “See? And when you use words like that, I don’t consider you black.”

How am I supposed to respond to that? Do they actually expect me to cease saying words to prove my ‘blackness’? Or am I supposed to say words that are sure to prove the fact that I’m the race that my melanin says I am?

How exactly does this work? What is the expected response when someone is told that they’re not acting the race that they were born? “Oh, yeah you think that I’m not acting black enough so let me go do a bunch of stereotypical things and prove you wrong.”

That’ll show them.

I know you’ve probably read so many things about this, and it’s just redundant at this point to continue talking about it. I agree, but that just proves how much it’s still happening.

It honestly doesn’t make me mad anymore. It’s more annoying than anything to still hear the same thing over and over again. I mean, at least get creative about it. Put your own little spin on it instead of saying the same thing that everyone else seems to be telling me.

I’m not sure that I’m anyone’s definition of ‘black’, or whatever and that’s fine with me. Last time I checked, being any race wasn’t something that could be compiled on a list and defined by a couple of different things.

And shouldn’t that be a good thing? Does anyone, any culture, anything want one thing to be their deciding factor, the only thing that represents who they are?

Maybe some people do, but I sure don’t. I’m a black female that has a mixture of Whitney Houston, Rascal Flatts, and Rich Homie Quan on her Spotify playlists. And, correcting other people’s grammar is a favorite pastime of mine.

Define me now.