There’s are four top things I wish I knew how to do.

For example:

1. Sing (I think I can, but any family member within a 2 mile radius will say differently)

2. Fly (Still confused as to why birds, or as I refer them ‘crap-mongers’, get that privilege, but I don’t)

3. Respond to a text message as soon as I receive it (It’s really sad)

4. Write an about me

So…here we are. I made this page specifically to tell you about myself and what I hope to accomplish, but we’re about 8 sentences (or fragments) down and that still hasn’t happened, has it?

I do apologize.

My short attention span is really becoming a problem. I mean having graduated from Grady College at the University of Georgia should account for something, right?

Wait. I think I did it. I think I managed to tell you something about myself. Look at me being all informative.

*raises head high in defiance of everyone who said I couldn’t do it including myself*

But, that’s all you’re going to get out of me. You don’t even know my name, do you? How very rude of you to get this far into my personal life and not even bother to discover my name.

It’s Jazmyn Matthews, by the way, not that you even care. *cries and wipes away non-existent mascara streaks*

My first name is only six letters long yet I still have family members that can’t even spell it correctly. I always get compliments on the spelling though. How is that even thanked?Last time I checked, I didn’t name myself. If I had any say in the matter, my name would be something cool and full of wisdom like ‘Princess Banana-hammock’ or ‘Dumbledore’.

So, whenever I get the common “I like the spelling of your name”, I respond with a “I’ll tell my mother you said so.”

What were we even talking about? Oh yeah. Me telling you about myself.

Like I said, I wish I could do that. I wish I could tell you that I’m a Magazine Journalism graduate with hopes (and DREAMS) to work in New York one day. I do wish I could tell you that.

Wait a second…You sly devil! You got it out of me, didn’t you?

I don’t know what it is about you, but we just click. Something about you screams “Let’s chat over a wine glass filled with Welch’s grape juice.” I may be 22, but tell me something that’s better than grape juice.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Huzzah! Can’t, can you? It’s okay. Not everyone understands the deliciousness of that sweet liquid, so I’m glad I could put some spark into your life. I’m g-.

Cheese and crackers! You did it again! Stop getting me off topic. My short attention span has nothing to do with this.

It’s my inability to write these types of things.

So, here I am. Basically finished with this page and I haven’t accomplished what I was trying to.

I forgot to tell you that I am a participant in the Disney College Program, and I’ll be working for Disney for the next six months. Hopefully longer if all goes as planned. I wish I remembered to tell you that.

But, hey. I’ll settle for one out of four.

NASA, start working on my flying gear! I’ll be here singing and ignoring my phone while you do.

Stay awesome.


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