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The One With the Epiphany

And here we go…

Time is dwindling down here, people.

I have finally made my big decision. Wait for it…..


I’m leaving!


Don’t worry. Not leaving the country or anything severe like that (my crimes haven’t quite caught up to me yet). But, I am leaving Disney. I have finally decided to leave May 11 when my program ends. As much as I wanted to extend, I don’t know…something is telling me to go.


But, I’m not done with Disney in the slightest! I do plan on getting a professional job here (hopefully in the Communications department because that $80,000 degree better be good for something), but I am officially done with the Disney College Program.

Probably for the best anyway…I haven’t been in college for almost a year.

I kinda wanna go back. (Who said that?! Not me)


Anyway…now that that’s out of the way. Let’s get to the infamous list of mine.

I was soooooooo close to getting picked to be in Festival of the Lion King.

But, this little girl beside me was just too cute and too much not-a-22-year-old for them to overlook her. So she of course got chosen and I was left to watch from the sidelines and wonder what could have been.

So I’m crossing that bad boy off of the list for the heartache alone.

I’m realizing this blog of mine is basically become a lot of what-could-have-beens and almosts.

But who cares?!

Unfortunately, I have not met a celebrity in the park just yet but I almost have. Both Whoopi and John Stamos were here about two weeks ago, and ask me did I meet either one of them?


Ask me if some of my co-workers got to see them?


I swear it’s just me. The celebrities, all of them, are clearly avoiding me. But I won’t rest until one of them (doesn’t matter which; I’m not choosy in the slightest) knows who I am.

At this point, it’s basically the last eight weeks of my program so all bets are off and there are no limits to what can happen.

Does that mean I’m probably gonna work more than any human should? Yes. Am I going to spend as much time in the park as I probably should? Probably not.


I’m slowly growing into the type of person that dreads having to go out and be social, or go out and walk around, or just just put on clothes in general.

Uh uh. Not a fan.

I’m outside working like 68.2% of the time, and I’ve officially come to the conclusion that I am not a fan of the outside.

Especially in Florida where it’s 79 degrees on a good day.

But anyway…this is basically turning into me rambling on (but basically don’t they all?) so I’m just going to wrap this bad boy up and find some allergy medicine because I am probably going to die the next time that I step outside because the flowers are clearly trying to kill me.

I hate Spring and all that it stands for.

So I’m going to go and finish my pizza (salad first so it’ll cancel each other out) and think about my life.


What shows I have to watch later, how long I can keep postponing my dentist appointment before I’m forced to go.

You know…important things like that.



I'm Jazmyn, and I'm a graduate from the University of Georgia. In my free time, I take pictures and write about everything. I also work for Disney. You should read more about me.

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