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The One With All of the Ice Cream

Okay, so don’t hate me.

Or you can hate me. I don’t really have much say in the matter.

But, I know it’s been a while since I posted one of these. Not even just a while. It’s been an entire month. But, that should ultimately tell you how busy I am.

Thanksgiving week was insane, but I was told that it’ll be like that times two when the week of Christmas comes around. And guess what next week is? The week before Christmas.

Can you feel my excitement?

I actually am excited. Not for the craziness that is inevitably going to come and not just for the paycheck that’s going to follow. As cheesy as it sounds, I’m excited for the happiness that will surround me.

Christmastime is by far my favorite time of the year. There is no other time like it. And getting to spend that holiday in Disneyworld? The happiest place on Earth?

I’d say that’s pretty dope.

But enough with all of this sappy nonsense. Back to the main matter at hand. My bucket list.

I actually managed to complete some things on the list during this hectic month. (I know! Pats on the back for me).

I did #12, #40, #41 and #42.

I know, right? I was quite the busy girl over the past month.

#12 nearly killed me, and the sad thing is that I definitely plan on doing it again. It was Do the Kitchen Sink Challenge, and the fact that we had to do it with just four people was probably a poor decision in itself.


This thing had eight scoops of ice cream, all of the toppings that the place has, and an whole can of whipped cream.”A whole can?!”

(Go to Beaches and Cream and you’ll understand the reference)


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. It’s diabetes in a bowl. Indeed it was, and we most certainly did not finish it.


But, never fear. We’re trying again, and we will conquer that bad boy.

#40 brings me to Visit my roomies and friends at work, and I’m actually surprised at how long it took me to accomplish this. Even though I don’t spend as much time in the parks as I probably should, I’m usually spending time in my home park, which gives me the best opportunity to visit my friends at work.

In fact, I do it so often that my co-workers always ask me why I choose to spend my day off at the exact place where I work.

What can I say? I can’t get enough. (False, but my boss might be reading this so shhhh).

#41 was the most fun I’ve had in a long time: Host a game or movie night with friends/roommates! We somewhat hosted a game night, but we did it in a hotel room that was literally five minutes away from where we actually live.

And I regret none of it.


It began with someone suggesting that we get a hotel room so we didn’t have to worry about how loud we are in our housing complexes. This wasn’t really the big issue because we also worried about how loud we were in the hotel (for like the first hour, then we no longer cared).

And since we didn’t discuss where everyone was going to sleep or even who was going to get the luxury of actually sleeping in the hotel, it was basically a free for all when it came to bedtime.


And that’s probably why I woke up with my neck hurting the next morning because I very obviously slept on it wrong.

These are the concerns that keep me up at night.

And last but not least is #42: Attend CP Formal.

This was such a fun time, and I honestly wish there were more events like this where we get to all see everyone together in the same room and to bond over the fact that most people’s programs are ending in three weeks and this is basically all of the time that we have left.


I’m going to try my best not to think about it, but no promises on this next blog post that I have to write.


Well, I think that’s it. I tried to made this long enough to where it would make up for how long it took me to finally get around to posting this. I could have told you about the fact that I got a new tattoo, played with three of the most adorable dogs ever, and made some memories with my friends that are going to be hard to let go of.

I know you were all dying to finally get around to reading about my life so I’m glad I can satiate your hunger for a little bit longer.

Our holiday hours officially kick in on Sunday (which is also the week I’m currently scheduled seven days for), so no definite answer on when the next blog post will be.

But I promise that it will be, as the kids say, lit.

Plus, as of yesterday, I’ve officially graduated from the Disney College Program.

So, now what?




I'm Jazmyn, and I'm a graduate from the University of Georgia. In my free time, I take pictures and write about everything. I also work for Disney. You should read more about me.

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