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The One Where They Ride Space Mountain

Well hello there again.

Guess what? I’m not tired today. I got like a solid 10 hours of sleep last night.

This probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve had the past three days off and other than going to the parks, I’ve had almost nothing else to do but sleep.

So I’ve taken advantage of that and gotten some things complete on this list of mine. This week, I completed #1, #36, and #17: Pick a comfy spot in the park and people-watchDominate the Food & Wine Festival, & Have friends visit me at Disney.

I know, I’ve been quite busy, haven’t I?


It’s not without trying, I can tell you that much. Because…work hasn’t changed. Still working as much as physically possible, which just makes having fun outside of work a challenge that I’m willing to take.

So #1 wasn’t a challenge, but it was really just humorous to do. If you just sit somewhere and just watch other people, you’d be surprised at the experiences you get. There’s always this child that doesn’t want to leave the park for the day; there’s a couple that can’t decide which ride they feel is worth the wait time; and lastly, there’s family that’s visiting for the first time and has absolutely no clue where they’re going (that’s me all of the time).

Try it. You’ll definitely have some fun with it.

Next came #36, and my mouth is just watering once more even thinking about it. I swear, when I tell you that my entire paycheck is going to this bad boy, I’m not kidding in the slightest. I’m not one to splurge on much because I am known to be an unbelievably cheap person.

But, this was so beyond worth it.

There was so many countries and so little to do all of them in.

Well, challenge accepted.

I already had an idea of what I wanted to do because I thought ahead enough to make a list of each country that I was going to visit and what I was going to eat there. So it was time to dominate as soon as I got there.


And by the third country, I knew that I was going to be broke before the day was over. Even though I hate being in the sun for any extended period of time (extended meaning any time over five minutes), I gladly decided to brave my enemy and just enjoy the day.

And it was definitely quite the day. I visited New England in boring America (but the lobster roll was anything but), then came Canada, Italy, Farm Fresh, and a couple more than I don’t exactly remember at the moment.

If you don’t make a trip to Epcot during this Food & Wine Festival, you are truly missing out.

And lastly comes #17. Since the complimentary tickets that I was given were going to expire at the end of this month, I decided to invite some friends of mine to make use of those tickets. They finally came and we basically had to pack a week’s vacation into 24 hours.


That means 4 parks in 24 hours, and it was definitely the challenge that it sounds like. First came Hollywood Studios since that’s my home, followed by Epcot, DAK, and then Magic Kingdom.

The heat and humidity of course had to make its grand appearance which only made the day that much better.

Everest showed that it was always ready to impress because we can’t get on it just once. And even though I will never be used to the drop on it, I still was able to brave it both times while my friends sat there screaming the whole time.

Definitely the most enjoyable part.

Then came the safari, and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder when it comes to watching my friends deal with animals. I may have neglected to tell them that it was a free-roaming safari before they got on it, and I frequently pointed out that there was nothing to stop the animals from attacking at will.

This was made even better by the fact that I told them to sit on the outside of the truck so they were closer to the animals.

All things they were oblivious to before stepping into the truck. And, it was only made even better when the driver decided to stay a little bit longer at the lion pride.


So. Hilarious.

The weekend was definitely topped off when a magical moment resulted in us being given fastpasses for Space Mountain, and me encouraging both of my friends to keep their eyes open the entire ride (so devious of me, I know).

They were unaware that it was in the dark, that it went really fast, and that you basically have no idea what’s happening for the entirety of the ride.


And the laughs only got louder.

And that solidified our very perfect weekend because they eventually had to go back to their real life.


Fortunately for me, this is my real life…which I should probably get back to right now.

Until next time…



I'm Jazmyn, and I'm a graduate from the University of Georgia. In my free time, I take pictures and write about everything. I also work for Disney. You should read more about me.

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